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Now Expiriencin' Somh!!: New!!"

2009-04-25 10:19:35 by Zerte

Jahahah!" So.. 'Sup NGonders.!:" HOw HAve U been??!"·

Many things in progress!"·.. But School!". Sure it's a problem for me !". But do not let the hesitation... disturbs me!" alright12.. GOtta change some thingys.. and stuff but Everything TO normal!: SO Have Fun!. And I update my prfile when time comes!. heh See ya!!

Now Expiriencin' Somh!!: New!!"

Updatin' Me!"

2008-12-28 11:45:09 by Zerte


!"·Hi Everybody!"! XD.!"!!"

Tiem to thinkg in some ways!" ,so I'm Improving some things!" in the way!" Havin' a little fun in the holydays, The pressure sure it will come!" of that!" Well Newgrounders time to do some new things And I'll tell sime, "Little by little" "Little by little" Hheheh!" Hell Yeah!"

!!"*"Time to roll out!"*!" XD

2008-11-01 14:32:33 by Zerte

Time I wasn't in here!"

Tell What new stuff in on view!"??

I wanna see more fantastic and amazing thingies!" XD
I'm Gonna be for awhile
well time to make some reviews for my friends!" And gottin' Points!"

I wanna be mora than a just normal!" XD XD XD

I Didn't see that Comin'0!" XD


Whenever you want Fellas!!!

2008-08-16 10:44:56 by Zerte

UUhhhhuuu, I'm thinking in mmmmmmmmmany projects!!!!

Thanks for the friends that a made here in newgrounds!!!!!!

THANK U ALL,!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U GUYS!!! (XD)

But Yes, the time has come, I'm thinking in many prejects, everything will soon be presentes, stay tuned!!!!!

I'm planning first of making a song, for someone especial in my life!!!!!

Second, I wanna make a flash, related to Madness, (my favorite). And then, What's next!!! mmmmmmmm

Let me think!!!!!!!! I will tell you later mhmhmhmhm

Bye guys, and have fun!!!!!!! UUHUUUU


2008-03-26 22:31:59 by Zerte